What do I need to rent a unit?

A United States state issued drivers license or ID card, the full move in amount plus any admin fees and your own lock.
What lease lengths do you offer?

All leases are month to month with minimum of one month.
How do I pay my rent?
You can pay your rent with cash, money order, debit or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex cards).  Money orders may be left in the night drop and made payable to: Stor Mor.  Card payments may be made by telephone or email (only use email or voicemail if you have a card that is on file to process, do not send credit/debit card information in any email or voicemail  message).  For online payments visit our payment page Online Payment (Online payments can be made up to 45 days past due, unless unit has gone to auction).  Please note your statement will show the charge going to AGDG LLC.
What kind of lock should I use?

We recommend using diskus style locks and avoiding cheap U style locks.  24hr accessible units are required to have diskus style locks if a Bezel lock is not also in use.  We do not sell locks at this time.
What if I need my lock cut?

Come see a staff member and we will remove the lock for you as we have strict policies against lock tampering by anyone accept for approved staff.  Make sure to bring a government issued photo ID and a new lock. A fee may be charged for lock cuts.  For afterhours lock cuts please follow the automated phone system guide.
Do you have or provide insurance for my stored items?
We currently do not, but optional storage insurance is coming soon if you do not have your own policy and need to add coverage.  Currently you need carry your own insurance for your stored items through your insurance provider.
Do you have moving trucks?

We do not.
Do you have RV, Trailer, or vehicle storage?
At this location we do not; however, one of our other Greeley location does: EZ Self Storage located at 2300 4th Ave.  Please contact that location at 970-356-5228.

We do periodic security checks to make sure all units are locked properly. We will overlock your unit to secure your items.  If this happens just bring your ID and see us in the office.
I am moving out, what do I need to do?
You need to follow your lease agreement for notification to staff prior to move out.  Then you will need to remove all items, your lock and sweep out the unit by the date and time you have notified of the move out.  Next notify staff once you have completed your move out so a walk through and photos may be completed of the conditions the unit was left in (all units have pre move in photos and/videos taken).  Any damages to the unit and clean up charges will be assessed and tenant may be added to the national landlord do not rent lists if non compliant with associated documentation, videos and photos.

If for any reason your plans change and you need to keep the unit just let staff know as soon as possible and they will work with you on staying in the unit.

Do you have late fees?
Yes.  After 5 days past due a $25 late fee is added and the unit is overlocked.  Then at 30 days past due a $75 lien fee is added and the unit qualifies for auction or disposal.  After that when a unit is scheduled for auction/disposal another $50 fee is added.  Clean up/dumping/disposal fees may also be charged to an account ranging from $100 and up to cover the cost associated.
What is my responsibility if my address or telephone number changes?
It is the tenants responsibility to either update there information through the online portal or contact a staff member to update it in our system.
Are there any restricted Items I cannot store in a unit?
Yes, inflammable, combustible, explosive, corrosive, perishable, noxious, dangerous materials, and any illegal materials are restricted.
May I Have a Garage/Yard Sale on Property?
No, garage/yard sales are not allowed on property.  Tenants are responsible for any actions taken by anyone they bring on property.
What is the size of the unit doors?
All sizes except for 10×30 units have personnel doors that are 80″ H x 36″ W.  10×30 units have a garage door that is 84″ H x 95″ W.
How high are the ceilings?
The lowest point in any unit is 8′ and the highest in some units is 9′ 10″.
Do you have a dumpster I can use?
We do not.  We are a pack in pack out facility.  Trash or items left is considered dumping and fines will be issued to anyone associated.
May I work, live or do vehicle maintenance on property or in a storage unit?
No, storage units are for storage purposes only and are not classified as a garage, workspace or habitable space.  Doors must also remain a minimum of half way open and unobstructed at all time while anyone is inside a storage unit.
Do units have electrical receptacles I can plug into?
They do not.
May I smoke inside a storage unit?
No, this violates state law and the lease agreement.
Do I need to be listed On A Lease Agreement To Be On Property?
Yes, you either need to on the lease agreement for the unit you accessing or with a person who is on a lease for that unit.  Any person on our property may be asked to provide identification by staff and if not provided law enforcement will be called to identify and possibly trespass from properties.
Must I keep my unit door open while I am inside the unit?
Yes.  For safety reasons doors must remain a minimum of 1/2 way open and obstructed while any person is inside the unit.
Do you report tenant information to leasing approval databases?
Yes.  Tenant information may be shared with credit agencies and national landlord leasing approval databases.
Are You hiring?
It varies when we are looking for staff but you are always welcome to submit a Resume or CV to info@storageon18th.com and someone will reach out to you if a position opens or is open at one of our facilities.